Museum of Soviet Occupation in Tbilisi

February 25 is a tragic date of Georgia – day of Soviet occupation. In 1921, exactly 95 years ago Red army invaded Democratic Republic of Georgia. We lost our sovereignty, lost freedom and chance of integration with developed world. Despite the resistance, Georgian army lost war, government escaped to emigration and Soviet rule was imposed over Georgia. Even now, after 25 years of independent history, we have memories, places, affairs related to the Soviet past. But we re-evaluate recollections and remember those, who had been forgotten for political reasons: artists, public figures, talented professionals, ordinary citizens – mothers, brothers, sisters, daughters and sons, grandfathers, patriots who loved their country and sacrificed themselves for its freedom; those who became victims of Soviet repressions and whose names had been banned for decades. The visualisation shows approximate numbers of victims of Soviet period, before the death of Joseph Stalin (1953).  Continue reading “Museum of Soviet Occupation in Tbilisi”


Memorial of Cadets in Kojori

Kojori is an integral part of the new and old history of Georgia. Here are preserved ruins of Azeula Fortress (XI century), which has been an important stronghold over the centuries.


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Memorial of Vladimer Davitashvili

Name: Memorial of Vladimer Davitashvili.

Location: Tsitektskaro Municipality, Georgia

Additional Information: Corporal Vladimer Davitashvili was from Tsiteltskaro Municipality. He was born on May 6, 1989. Died in the battle on August 9, 2008. He was 19. The street is named after him. Vladimer Davitashvili is awarded by Vakhtang Gorgasali ‘s Order – I rank. The order is for the persons with special merit , devotion and self-sacrifice for the nation and the homeland.

Memorial of Vladimer Davitashvili

Memorial of Military Glory in Gurjaani

Memorial of Military Glory is located in Gurjaani, Georgia. Opening date symbolically coincided to the anniversary of Victory Day over Nacizm – May 9, 1978. The memorial is devoted to the victims of World War II.

The memorial represents a complex, which consists of the following parts:

  • Exhibition hall with the paintings and statues, which reflect various affairs of World War II. They belong to the artists and sculptors of Soviet period.


The painting of Joseph Stalin with his mother – Ekaterine Jugashvili.


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