Memorial of Military Glory in Gurjaani

Memorial of Military Glory is located in Gurjaani, Georgia. Opening date symbolically coincided to the anniversary of Victory Day over Nacizm – May 9, 1978. The memorial is devoted to the victims of World War II.

The memorial represents a complex, which consists of the following parts:

  • Exhibition hall with the paintings and statues, which reflect various affairs of World War II. They belong to the artists and sculptors of Soviet period.


The painting of Joseph Stalin with his mother – Ekaterine Jugashvili.


“May 9” – Author: Bukhaidze


“Our cause is just, the enemy will be destroyed. we will win”.


It was a place of a small sculpture named as “Father in Back” (author – Devdariani). Now it’s empty.


Statue of Soldier’s Father (1978). Author: famous Georgian sculptor Merab Berdzenishvili. He was inspired by the film “Soldier’s Father” (1964). The film tells a story about a father who departs to the Front to see his wounded son. It’s about father’s devotion to his child, unconditional love that helps him overcome all barriers and hardships in the midst of war.


“Eternity Wall” with the names of 4000 residents of Gurjaani Municipality, who have not returned from World War II.


The names are grouped according to the villages. Yellow marble inscribed with the name of the villages.


5 stone pillars, which symbolize 5 years of the war on the territory of Soviet Union.


Every year, on May 9 residents of Gurjaani Municipality come to the Memorial of Military Glory to honor memory of the war victims and celebrate Victory Day over Nazism. This is the place, which brings together representatives of different generations: war veterans, youth and children, ordinary citizens, local government officials… They remember past together.

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