Memorial of Major-General Tsulukidze in Tbilisi

This photo is taken at #117 Agmashenebeli Street, Tbilisi, Georgia. It states:

Georgian military figure, member of Military Center of Independence Committee, Major-General Varden Tsulukidze (1865-1923) lived in this house.

On May 20, 1923 he was executed for preparation of anti-Soviet rebellion, along with other members of the Military Center.

 IMG_20160714_203255General Tsulukidze was a prominent Georgian military figure. He served in the military forces, first under Russian Empire, then as officer of Democratic Republic of Georgia. After the Soviet occupation, along with other commanders, formed Military Center, which aimed to liberate Georgia from Bolsheviks. They represented military and public leaders of Georgia: Head of Independence Committee of Georgia – Nikoloz Kartsivadze, General Kote Abkhazi, General Alexander Andronikashvili, Colonel Rostom Muskhelishvili, Colonel George Khimshiashvili and others.

Meanwhile, Bolsheviks discovered the group and executed its members on the territory of Vake Park, Tbilisi.