April 9 Memorial in Ninotsminda

April 9 Memorial in Ninotsminda. Photo: Mamuka Samkharauli
April 9 Memorial in Ninotsminda. Photo: Mamuka Samkharauli

Name: April 9 Memorial

Location: Ninotsminda (Samtske-Javakheti region), Georgia.

The memorial represents a black marble stone with the inscription into Georgian language. It states: “Dedicated to the Memory of those, who died on April 9, 1989”.

Additional information: The memorial is devoted to the victims of the tragedy, which occurred On April 9, 1989. On that day Soviet army attacked to the peaceful protesters in front of the Parliament House, Tbilisi, Georgia. Thousands of people on Rustaveli Avenue demanded restoration of independence of Georgia. Militaries used spades, tanks and poisoned gas. As a result, 21 persons died – 17 women and 4 men. Their age range: from 16 to 61 years old. among them a pregnant woman, schoolgirls, students).



John Lennon Wall in Tbilisi

img_20161021_142647Name: John Lennon Wall

Location: Mziuri Park, Tbilisi, Georgia

Opening date: October 9, 2016

The wall represents a symbol of freedom, peace and love. It contains quotes of John Lennon.

Organizers: New Mziuri, Georgian fan-club of The Beatles and company Geb Group

The wall is painted by street artists – Gagosh (George Gagoshidze) and Afour (Lasha Babuadze)

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