How to get involved

Peace and Conflict Monuments project is open for the contributions from all over the world.

Who can send materials:

Women and men of all age, ethnic origin or geographic location, who have necessary skills, technologies and will to get involved in this initiative. The narratives and photo materials will be published on this blog.

What you will need:

  • Smartphone or camera to take photographs of peace and conflict monuments
  • Access to internet for at least 1 hour/week (to send/share gained photos and stories)

Publishing policy:

  1. The blog (text + photo) should be original work of the author. Plagiarism is not accepted.
  2. No hate speech!
  3. No calling for violence!
  4. Prefered language: English. Georgian and Russian narratives will also be accepted.

What to document: Photographs of the following will be accepted.

  • Buildings, where peace treaties were signed
  • Buildings related to the war
  • Memorials devoted to the peace/conflict events, personal memorials of famous diplomats, public persons, who have contributed in the peacebuilding and conflict resolution activities
  • Places related to the peace events, persons, etc
  • Museums, which are devoted to the wars, victims of armed conflicts, post-war activities, peacemakers, etc.
  • Places related to civil activism (for example, park which was defended by people)
  • Historical places saved by the active citizens
  • Other sight related to the civil disobedience, non-violent struggle
  • Street art related to peace, nonviolent activism, specific event etc. that displays clear message for the audience and so on. 

Photos should have short description of the monument:

  • Location
  • Author of the monument (if any)
  • What’s it about, what it symbolizes
  • Opening date (if any)
  • Its components, if it consists of several parts
  • In the case of person – short biography about her/him, why her/his work was important
  • Name of the author of the blog+photo

Feel free to send your materials at: Please indicate “Contribution for Peace and Conflict Monuments” in the subject area.